Селскостопанска академия Институт по аграрна икономика

The journal „ Agricultural Economics and Management” - ISSN 0205-3845, is an edition of Agricultural Academy and has periodicity of 4 issues annually.
The first edition is in 1956 г. under the title „Agricultural Accountability and Control”. In 1964 it was renamed to „Agricultural Economics and Mechanization”. From 1968 to 1987 it is published as „Agricultural Economics”, and since 1988 it keeps the name “Agricultural Economics and Management”.
The journal “Agricultural Economics and Management” is the only specialized scientific edition in Bulgaria, treating the problems of agricultural economics and policy, the institutional economy, the ownership forms, the privatization, the market mechanism and the marketing, the economic aspects of the sociology, the information problems of the management, the innovation and credit policy.
In the journal have been published original scientific articles, overviews and brief notifications in Bulgarian and English languages (upon the authors’ request).


Prof. YULIA DOYCHINOVA, Doctor of Economics
Assoc. Prof. Dr. DAVIDE VIAGGI
Assoc. Prof. Dr. IVAN BOEVSKI
Assoc. Prof. Dr. NINA KOTEVA

Deputy Editor-in-Charge
ALBENA IVANOVA, tel.: ++359 897 098 908

The journal “Agricultural Economics and Management” is referred in the following editions: CAB CABABSTRACTS - Agriculture Database, AGRICOLA - Agriculture Online Access, Slovak Agricultural Library, ВИНИТИ - Реферативен журнал, Систематический указатель иностранной литературы на ЦНСХБ - Русия, Электронный каталог журналов.
The journal “Agricultural Economics and Management” is included in AGRIS: International Information System for the Agricultural Sciences and Technology

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Dear Authors, Manuscripts have to meet following requisitions:

  1. The linguistic and stylish edition of the papers, are obligation and responsibility of authors itself.
  2. The title of paper has to be formulated shortly, exactly, without shortcuts and to contain the names of research objects. Beneath the paper title has to be written full name and surname of authors, scientific degree and title as well as name and actual address of Institution, they affiliate. In case of more than one author paper, the author for edition correspondence has to be pointed out.
  3. The size of presented paper not to exceed 10 (ten) standard pages (1800 characters), including tables, figures and references.
  4. Papers have to be presented obligatorily with abstract both (in Bulgarian and English), minimum 1 typing page, addressing the research object, methods, experiment materials, main results and conclusions. In the end 6 key words have to be referred.
  5. Tables have to be presented in the separate page. The titles of tables and their text part have to be written both in Bulgarian and English
  6. Illustrations have to be devised with adequately high resolution and quality, which allow their direct usage for printing. The dimension of figures not to outmatch 8,6 X 23,6 cm. (for one column publishing) and 18,2 X 23,6 cm. (for two column publishing). The parts of assembled figures have to be marked with small Latin letters (a, b, c…). The titles of figures have to be written both in Bulgarian and English on the separate page.
  7. In the Journal is adopted the International System for measuring units – SI
  8. Listof used literature has to be enclosed separate wisely, as it has to include all authors and titles, which are referred in the paper text.Firstly the authors in Bulgarian are referred, afterwards those ones in Latin, etc. The referred in the literature list (Journals, books, proceedings, etc) have to possess full bibliographic nomenclature. Regarding the quoted Journals ranged as – authors, year, article title, Journal name, volume, number, pages; regarding books – authors, year, book title, publisher place, publisher name, used pages; regarding papers from conferences and symposiums – to be pointed out topic, place and year of event held. Citations of authors to be arranged with name of author (without initials for first name) and year. For instance, “according to P a t k o v, etc (1980)….. It is in accordance with observed by other authors (I v a n o v, 1990); (J o n s o n and R e I g e r, 1991)”.
  9. Manuscripts have to be presented in the diskette, as the text and table to be in the format MS Word for Windows (with file extension DOC or TXT – text only). For illustrations and graphs have to be used formats TIFF (with resolution minimum 200 dpi – dots per inch), JPEG (with degree of compression not less than 9) or XLS (created by MS Excel).
  10. Manuscripts, do not fitting the above-mentioned requirements will be returned back to authors for adjustment
  11. The Journal, does not accept papers and materials that are either completely or partially published or under publishing in other publications, or are part from already defended PhD or Doctors’ dissertations.
  12. The final decision for publishing of submitted manuscripts is taken by particular Editorial Board based on the statement of particular paper referee.

Unless the above-prescribed conditions are fulfilled, the Editorial Board will not move the submitted papers ahead, will not returned back manuscripts as well as will not be in charge for not-queried until 6 months papers.